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Alchemy to 300 - Now craft 15 Major Healing Potions to get vindictus gold to 300. You have now achieved the previous ultimate level. Of course, with the release of the Burning Crusades expansion, you know have 75 levels (to level 375) to go.

Alchemy to 325 - You now have to travel to the Outlands to continue your progress. Find the appropriate trainer (Alchemist Gribble for Alliance, Apothecary Antonivich for Horde) for your faction and get trained. Now, make 25 Volatile Healing Potions.

Alchemy to 340 - Now make 15 Super Healing Potions.

Alchemy to 350 - At this point, if you are honored with Honor Hold (Alliance) or Thrallmar (Horde) you can purchase the Elixir of Major Agility recipe.

If you’re level 70 you probably are honored with these factions. (If you’re not, don’t be a slacker! Go run the Hellfire Citadel instances until you hit Honored.) Now make 10 Elixir of Major Agility.

Now here’s some bad news, you’re going to have to do some work. You can learn transmutation recipes, but you’re going to have to grind rep to get the recipes.

Primal Might is sold by Skreah in northern Shattrath City. Transmute Earth to Water can be purchased when you’re revered with Sporeggar. Fire to Earth can be purchased when you’re revered with Kurenai/Mag'har.

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