Vindictus: Evie's Battle Scythe to Be Available on Nov. 3rd

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Nexon America has released a new video showing off the many powers of Vindictus' new mage character, Evie, who released at last week's launch. The Evie character video shows her unique powers including the ability to heal teammates, disrupt gravity, blast enemies with fireballs and raise monstrous golems from debris in the battlefield. In addition, Nexon announced officially that Evie's scythe will be available November 3rd!

Evie's Scythe Available November 3rd!

Evie's combat repertoire expands today with the addition of the Battle Scythe! Beginning at level 24, Evie can learn the Battle Scythe Mastery skill by visiting Brynn. Once unlocked, players can unlock an entire new way to move through the battlefield.

The most important thing to remember is that Evie is a master of various fighting styles. Her scythe does not replace her staff. Instead, it complements it and adds to her overall prowess. Read on to see what makes the scythe a worthy addition to her armory!

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Staff wielders will unlock the full potential of Evie's magical strength. Unleashing Firebolts and Healing spells, the pure strength of the ether will emerge from Evie and onto her friends and foes as the judgment that Morrighan intended the humans rain down on Fomors.

Scythe experts forgo the access to magic in order to weave through the battle ground with a direct and visceral mastery. Moves like Blink and Insane Reaper craft a grim and bloody poetry that leaves no evil in one's path.


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