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A lot of attention has been focused on Nexon's Vindictus billed as the first 'physics based MMO'. MMORPG's Carolyn Koh has been spending time playing Vindictus since its launch recently and she has a lot to say about the game. Check out her thoughts about the Physics system; the UI, Controls & the World; Combat, Training, Crafting; the Avatar Shop; Initial Impressions; and Carolyn's final verdict. Have you tried Vindictus? Tell us what you think.

At first look, Vindictus, a "Free to Play" MMO looks like absolutely gorgeous. You pick a character from three available – Evie, a mage who uses magic and a staff, Lann who dual-wields and Fiona, who uses sword and shield - and are immediately dropped into a cut-scene, a movie introduction that Vindictus calls a Prologue. A giant spider, the town guardian has gone wild and is threatening the town folk and climbing up the bell tower, crumbling the stonework with its weight. You, the rookie are joined with a mercenary band, the Crimson Blades to stop it. Aodhan, the Captain calls for ballistae, but Tieve, the town Oracle puts herself in the way, begging for a chance to speak to it to calm it down and so a small party, you included, escort her into the bell tower.

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