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Get the quest from the warlock trainer in Orgrimmar. You are to buy vindictus gold kill two named npc’s, Dalin Forge Wright and Comar Villard. Dalin is in the south of silver pine by the greymane wall. He is the only npc there on a horse, and can be pulled and killled solo at level 20. Watch for adds.

Comar is harder to reach. He is in the northern tip of the wetlands, right by the bridge. He will flag you pvp enabled when you attack him, so beware of nearby alliance hiding behind trees and underneath rocks. You can reach the Wetlands by following the road east out of Hillsbrad. Keep following the road to the east, passing Stromgarde to your right.

Take the next road you come across leading south. You will pass over the bridge into wetlands and find Comar right after the bridge. Expect to die a few times while journeying through Arathi, there many high level monsters in your way. Don’t stray off the road to avoid making things worse.


The warlock trainer in the cleft of shadow will give you the quest. You speak to Cazul next, who tells you to find Zankaja. She is on the top level of Orgrimmar, northwest of the flight master’s tower. She sends you to find Gazrog in the barrens, who is standing in front of the inn at The Crossroads. Gazrog sends you to find Ken’Zigla in Stone talon.

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