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Rogue’s have their own special trick when they obtain a flying mount and it is detailed in the Outland instance farming section.

All other classes should be able to farm this area fairly well and if you have abilities useful against certain elements make sure to use vindictus gold accordingly to maximize your effectiveness.

Optional Areas for Farming Primals (level 70) (200 Gold per hour):

The Elemental Plateau located in Nagrand is the most well known area for farming your primals to bring in gold but there are a few more locations worth mentioning.

All of the following areas may be difficult for a rogue but other classes should not have much trouble at all.

Primal Air:

Map Coordinates: 62, 58.

Grinding List: Enraged Air Spirits

Expected Drops: Mote of Air

Location: Any mob that looks like a cyclone in Outland has a good chance of dropping a mote of air; keep this in mind while hunting.

Shadow-moon Valley is a great place to find Mote of Air these motes drop from Enraged Air Spirits located southeast with the Nether-wing Fields area. Another good place to find Enraged Air Spirit spawns is also north of the Altar of Shatar.

Mote of Air has a 34% drop rate from this type of mob.

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