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Final boss is a pain. You should have the ranged attackers also looking out for the bomb dispensers. If they activate, have them hit the buttons to shut it off and save a lot of vindictus gold damage. Take a peek for the Toxic Revenger and finish the quest to get the Triprunner Dungarees.

Scarlet Monestary - Unless you are at 175 Lock picking you need to enter the right wing of Scarlet Monestary to kill Doan to acquire the Scarlet Key. You need to do this wing if you are working on the quest to acquire the Black Menace/Sword of Serenity. Herod summons about 30 non-elites after he dies. Use AE to kill them.

The last one to enter is the Cathedral where you will need some good pulling skills to clear out the actual Cathedral. In the right wing of the Cathedral is a sconce (torch on the wall) that you need to twist to find another mob that drops greens.

Clear out everything before attempting Mograine. Killing him results in White-mane to appear who will heal Mograine and attack you.

Uldaman - There are a lot of quests for this zone, meaning that you’ll be here for a while. There is a backdoor in the NE corner of the Badlands.

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