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vindictus gold offers to players are a powerful weapon. With the growth of gaming time, I also gained a deeper game understanding. It not only brought us happiness, but also allows us to appreciate the various skills on the battlefield.
Let us learn how to make money. There are many ways to make money. A few days ago my friends there, I just learned a way to make money. Here to share with you.
Was simply to go to market with acquisition of property and equipment, and then refining synthetic stone, and then sell it. Specific methods description: look at the market price of refined stone.
Like 60 scouring more than 40,000, the concise synthesis of a 60 needs three 56-of-band property and equipment. That is as long as the 56-of-band property and equipment no more than 1 million, we have synthesized a refined stone of the cost is up to 3W. Then the price of each one sold 39600 to ensure the fastest selling, because you are the cheapest. Excluding the cost can make 6000. Of other levels of refinement Stone followed suit.
When I first game is 20000 coins from home. Read a lot of other people are not described in another way how easy to use. One day accidentally discovered a lot with the property market is very inexpensive equipment, while the refined stone sell expensive, middle of the large difference. So I put him refuse to sell all sold out.
Games scrape together 20000 dollars, and then I run the market to buy a 40-band property and equipment 12. Synthesized four 44 concise, and then let market 13000 for each one sold. This price was much cheaper than others, so less than five minutes went on to sell. From then on I began scouring stone down crazy.
As of today, more than 10 days, also OK, earned nearly 700 million.

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