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Many players may find online vindictus gold is useful for you. Here I will tell you something about one of the role in Flyff. Hope it can help you.

Assassin is the Dancer in the dark who rarely appeared in front of people honest. In order to hide their identity and the pursuit of instant crib, they stay silently in the dark at the long-term patient.

They special fighting and way of life for many people disgraced, but large numbers of people in private or are willing to be companions with them. Because no one wants them as rivals, it will be sleepless nights.

In order to play many fighting games who are not good at MM can enjoy the fun of the game, players can press a key continuously released brilliant skills, but also to set the points for MM leisure mode, so do not even play MM is also able to play the game to play bigger way.

Assassin has always been elusive, in most cases; they engaged the enemy with no face. If you want win the game with assassin, you need the online gold to help you. They like to be the situation stabilized, and then look for opportunities in the stalemate in the dark.

Often see their opponents when they emerged the power of the moment, is enough to kill the opponent. This shadowy attack, any one of opponents will tremble in fear. Assassin like to use the flywheel, they believe this will bring greater crib and impact force.

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