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In the expansion, the Paladin and Shaman classes become available vindictus gold to both, Horde and Alliance. Draeneis can play Shamans and Blood Elves may choose Paladins.

This leads to some pretty big differences, primarily for raiding and PvP, where both classes” buffs are suddenly available to all. It’s a welcome change to those that always wanted to play either shaman or paladin, but didn’t want to be cut off from their friends on the other faction.


The Draenei are an alliance race. They fled from Outland in their. ehh.. Dimensional ship (part of Tempest Keep), and crash-landed on Azeroth. They teamed up with the Alliance, and are now the largest race allies can play. Kind of a counter to the Tauren, I suppose. The classes available to them are:

●Hunter ●Mage ●Paladin ●Priest ●Shaman ●Warrior

Draenei Racial Traits:

●Gift of the Naaru: Heals the target for 50 plus 15 per level over 15 seconds. 40 yard range, 1.5 sec cast time and 3 minute cooldown.

●Inspiring Presence (Mage, Priest and Shaman only): Increases chance to hit with spells by 1% for you and your party members.

●Heroic Presence (Hunter, Paladin and Warrior only): Increases chance to hit by 1% for you and your party members.

●+10 Shadow Resistance

●+5 Jewel crafting skill

The Draenei's racial mount is an Elekk, an elephant-like creature.

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