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Tiered Rogue Armor Sets

You are not going to find this in a week. It requires a lot of vindictus online gold work to complete and get all the items listed. There are 4 set combinations; Dungeon (acquired in 5 man instances), Raid (10+ man instances), Faction (Get Revered or Exalted) and PvP (Get a lot of Honor Points).

I would suggest you aim for a single set combo. Sure, it is nice to mix and match but when you complete a set, you gain some nice bonuses.

Dungeon Tier

Notes: Nearly all of Tier 1 and 2 can be replaced at 60 from items in the Auction House. Tier 3a is statistically better than 3b and is miles easier to acquire.

Total stats: AC: 978 Agi: 157, Str: 43, Str: 87

2 pieces: +200 AC

4 pieces: +40AP

6 pieces: Chance on hit to restore 35 energy

8 pieces: +8 all resists

Dark-mantle Armor set (8 pieces) Tier 2

This gear can only be had once you acquire the Tier 1 gear and then you need to quest for these pieces. All told, it costs about 400g to get the entire set. Quests listed here.

Total stats: AC: 1047 Agi: 184, Str: 57, Sta: 97, Crit: 1%, To Hit: 2%

2 pieces: +8 all resists

4 pieces: Chance on hit to restore 35 Energy

6 pieces: +40AP

8 pieces: +200 AC

Assassination (5 pieces) – Tier 3a

Shoulder; AC:219, Agj: 25, Sta: 24, Atk: 42, 2 Yellow - Talon King Ikiss, Sethekk Halls

Legs; AC: 256, Agi: 40, Sta: 33, Atk: 44, Hit: 22 - Murmur , Shadow Labyrinth

Hands; AC: 183, Agi: 25, Sta: 24, Atk: 50, Hit: 17 - Aeonus, Black Morass

Chest; AC: 292, Agi: 28, Sta: 21, Atk: 54, 2 Red, 1 Blue - Pathaleon the Calculator, Mechanar

Head: AC: 237, Sta: 25, Atk: 66, Crit: 25, 1 Yellow, 1 Meta - Harbringer Skyriss, Arcatraz

Total Stats: AC: 1305, Agi: 118, Sta: 132, Atk: 256, Crit: 25, Hit: 39

2 pieces: Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot gives 160 Haste for 6 sec

4 pieces: Eviscerate and Envenom cost 10 less Energy

Total Stats: AC: 1305, Agi: 120, Sta: 139, Atk: 198, Crit: 25, Hit: 39

2 pieces: Increase Hit Rating by 35

4 pieces: Attacks have a chance to grant 160 Atk for 6 secs

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