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The game is a nation vs. Nation game with 3 nations; Defugel, Craxion and Broa. Each night there are territory wars between the Defugel and Craxion guilds which give rewards such as vindictus gold and the use of the teleports at the territory you have captured.
Also it is possible to enter the other nation and wait for them to attack you if you want some more open pvp. Also on the higher level neutral maps it is free for all between the nations.
The main aspect of the game is that the leveling comes from questing. There is a great in depth and original storyline which does not just include kill x for y items. Although it can be daunting at first once you get into a party and start beating up those monsters you can level quickly. Also there are repeatable quests which can help you gain vindictus online gold few levels you might need. There are 6 classes and 3 races in the game. I will start with the classes; all classes have range and combat weapons.
Were beasts are the high vitality and strength class which make them best suitable for Warriors and assassins. Also were beasts can be quite good summonses. They are not so good priests or wizards however the highest level Japanese player is in fact beast priest so really any combination for any race seems possible.

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