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During GDC 2010 we were able to sit down with the folks from Nexon to see a new game the developers at Nexon consider a prequel to their title Mabinogi. The new game is called Vindictus, and it's a full-featured MMO with some features you might not have seen in previous titles from this company.
One of the main points the team at Nexon wants to drive home about this new MMO is that you really take vindictus gold on the role of a hero, and you are able to do things heroes can do. There are several massive objects you can pick up, throw, and use as weapons against the many foes in the game.
The bosses in the encounters also take advantage of the map and the playfield, destroying areas and dynamically changing the map as you engage in combat against them. Boss battles will also require an incredible amount of teamwork in order to achieve victory. In the demo, players had to work together to launch harpoon-like chains to trap a massive polar bear. When trapped, some players hold onto the chains to keep the bear bound and other players move in for the kill. This encounter really shows off the teamwork required to play some of the encounters in the game, and they look really well done.
Vindictus is a violent game, with lots of attention paid to weapon details, special finishing moves, and combat. As seen by the curb stomp screenshot at the top of this article, there will be ways to finish your foes that are more reminiscent of a full 1v1 combat style game than a full featured MMO.
Vindictus is scheduled for release Q4 2010.

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