Ferghus's Campaign Speech

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Greetings Mercenaries-

Election Season continues in Vindictus. Yesterday, Gallagher tried to win your votes with his speech. Today, it's time for Ferghus, the town Blacksmith, to tell you why he thinks he's the best candidate for Mayor of Colhen.

"I'm not much for fancy speeches. Working with fire and iron is more my thing...hic!

See, the thing is, people mess up sometimes. You know what I mean? Sometimes, they're seen as a laughingstock or treated like a joke character... uhhh, I mean, a joke of a human being. You see what I mean?

Sometimes, their hands slip when they're fixing up someone's gear. Repairs take a real delicate touch, which a manly man like me doesn't always have.

Uh, anyway, all I'm saying is that everyone should be given a second chance. So if you make me mayor, I'll give you a second chance when you make a mistake. That's a promise!"

Does Ferghus have what it takes to be the Mayor of Colhen? That's up to you to decide when the polls open on November 17.

In the meantime, be sure to get caught up on all the events during our Vindictus Elections Season, including the Campaign Poster Contest.

Exercise your right to vote!

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