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Illidari Council: After defeating Mother Shahraz, follow the hallway near her spawn point to the Illidari Council. On the way to the council, your raid will experience some unique vindictus gold trash that can easily wipe your raid on first attempt. Do not despair if you find the initial pulls difficult, the path to Illidari Council is relatively quick and easy to maneuver.

Abilities: The Illidari Council consists of a priest, paladin, mage, and a rogue that must be fought simultaneously. They share 2,900,000 hit points and enrage after 15 minutes. Each mob has unique abilities that must be dealt with during the fight.

Gathios the Shatterer is a paladin that has an impressive array of abilities that he is able to use during this fight but is not able to hit targets with crushing blows.

Blessing of Protection – Grants physical damage immunity to the target for 15 seconds and can be cast on any of the other bosses.

Blessing of Spell Warding – This ability shares a cool down with the Blessing of Protection ability and also grants immunity but is limited to magical damage immunity for 15 seconds.

Chromatic Resistance Aura – An aura that increases the other bosses’ resistance to all magic schools by 250 for 30 seconds.

Consecration – This ability is used about every 30 seconds to deal 2,250 holy damage every 3 seconds for 21 seconds within a 10 yards radius.

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