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Applying Items to Sockets: If a piece of armor or a weapon has empty sockets, you can upgrade vindictus gold that item.

1. Click on the socket item, and drop the item on the item with free sockets.

2. A window with title, ''Item Fortification'' will appear. It will ask ''Would you like to fortify the item?'' Press “Confirm” to complete the process.

Elemental Impacts of Socket Combination

When you fill the sockets on an item all with items of the same elemental property (ice, fire, lightning, poison, and curse) the item will glow with a color associated with that element.

How to Give Impacts

- Although each weapon is different, the maximum number of sockets for weapons is four.

- To obtain the elemental effect, you must fill all available slots with items of the same elemental property. If you mix different elemental properties, no special effect will be displayed.

- Shields have maximum number of four sockets, but shields with 3 sockets can also display elemental effects.

- Wands of lower quality can have a maximum number of two sockets, and can display elemental effects if both are filled. Higher classes of wands can have up to three sockets, and all must be filled to display elemental effects.

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