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Our promise for vindictus gold sending is 8 mins-24 hours.
A bad habit is a negative behavior pattern. What are your bad habits when you're gaming? I'm sure

everyone has at least one including me. Well, while gaming, I just hate the newbies who comes to me

and bugs me then asks me for money as if I owe them in the past life! Seriously annoying. I don't care

how much they need but isn't it better if you earn your own money instead of begging other people who

might talk bad about you behind you? I'm not mean, they are for making my life more miserable than

how it always has been. Besides ignoring newbies, I also hate them when they're asking me questionS.

Note the plural form. It's okay if they ask a question, but it's NOT okay if they ask a several

ANNOYING BASIC questions. Go read the F.A.Q., I'm not your walking F.A.Q.. Furthermore, I also

run to the back when wars starts to avoid me being killed. Not that I'm weak, okay maybe I am, but I'm

sure I'm not THAT weak. It's because I hate going back to the revival point then run to the war spot

again. It takes time!! I was just saving my time .I think that's my bad habits when I was gaming! And I

think I should really quit all that because it's bad, really bad. Except for the annoying newbies part, hehe.

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