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vindictus gold is a funny game gold I like to play, only you can play happily and you will find it is worthy to play.
Now here, I write down some information of characters in the game to let new players reference. Because that in the choice of character, I spent more time to choose my lovely role, and it is very suitable for me continue to play forever. And now I like this game better than I like my boyfriend.
The Seneka: A race that is believed to have originated from the western side of walled. They have survived since the beginning of time when the world was first created. They have been living throughout the walled continent for a long time. They have a well balanced physiques and outnumber number other races. They are considered to be dominant race on the walled continent.
This is one of the reasons why most of the houses and transportations that were got by some gold are designed and created for this race. They do not outperform or underperform other races in attack or defense, but they do have a shorter lifespan. The male Senekan is called Tata, and the female Senekan is called Nena.
The Koshare: The legend states that this race originated from the eastern region of walled continent since the beginning of time. They are not great in numbers but live throughout walled continent. They have the fixed image of being the cute race with their small and physical characteristics.
Despite their cute image they are selfish little devils that are very much interested in combat. They have the capability of jumping over obstacles that are higher than their height, and have the strength to handle weapons which you can gain from a little money that are bigger than themselves to make up for their small physiques.
The male Koshare is called Puer, and the female are called Puelia.

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